Case Study- Data Analytics and Dashboards

Eisai-Clinical Trials Data Analytics

Case Study: Eisai- Clinical Trial Data Analytics Dashboards


Executives at Eisai, a global pharmaceutical company, focused on HHC (Human Healthcare) had difficulty tracking and summarizing data for hundreds of clinical trials.

  • The data was in dozens of systems
  • Each system defined time periods and stage gates differently so consistently tracking key metrics was impossible
  • Suppliers were slow to submit data
  • Asking an analyst to create reports delayed decision making by 1-3 weeks


We developed a single page dashboard that summarized all clinical trials data. The system aggregates data about clinical trials studies, including details about study sites, contracts, expenses and regulatory issues. All data is now converted into standard units of measure and is collected, validated and aggregated daily. The real-time dynamic executive dashboards are posted online, replacing static Power Point presentations.


  • Executives can quickly identify successful study site
  • Regulatory hurdles and issues are quickly resolved
  • Potential budget over-runs are easily spotted
  • Managers carefully monitor purchase orders
  • Managers quickly determine how to handle under-performing sites
  • Millions of dollars have been saved