Case Study- Resource Management & Time Tracking


Case Study: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute- Resource Management & Time Tracking


Dana Farber’s IT Program Management Office needed better data on resource allocation. Project team managers could see neither team members’ time cards nor planned vacations. Line managers could see project status reports. Neither group forecasted staffing needs. Management did not know if staff were over-committed or under-utilized


We implemented an app that included time tracking, resource allocation and staff utilization


• PMO staff can forecast staff utilization and needs a year in advance
• All managers see project status reports and adjust assignments
• Labor hours and staff utilization rates are available by department, project and activity
• User adoption is high as everyone can see metrics they need
• New system implemented quickly at 1/3 cost of alternatives

Professionalism, expertise and great results.

Ron Munroe Project Management Business Analyst Dana-Farber