Haspoa For Life Sciences Companies

Struggling to accurately forecast clinical trial costs?
Want a better vendor selection process?
Worried about missing quarterly enrollment & earnings targets?

Leverage technology and data to more easily manage clinical trials.

Site Analytics

Create Great Metrics

  • Identify which studies are most cost effective & which best follow protocol
  • Analyze site status, enrollment trends and deviations from protocol
  • Monitor and analyze performance by study site
  • Predict changes to forecast data
  • Spot trends through data discovery functionality

Vendor Management

Manage Outsourced Vendors Documents, Pricing & Reporting

  • Identify companies that are approved to bid on work
  • Approve new vendors
  • Validate invoices against bid grids
  • Compare cost and quality of various vendors


Get Real Business intelligence

  • Interactive financial forecasting and scenario planning functionality
  • Reports on vendor compliance with bid grid
  • Audits to see if accurate patient event data is used in billing
  • Predictions of changes to forecast data
  • Real-time reporting on KPIs & patients costs

Combine clinical, regulatory and financial information in one place so Finance, Operations and Outsourcing are on the same page. Automate workflow to reduce the administrative costs and stress of managing study sites and approving vendors. Improve decision making and forecasting accuracy with analytics and dashboards.