Haspoa For CROs

Getting accurate data from with vendors a hassle?
Struggling to improve quality?
Unable to accurately forecast budgets?

Leverage technology and data to more easily manage clinical trials.

Study Site Management

Manage Multiple Sites

  • Manage the many processes you are juggling
  • More efficiently get regulatory approval
  • Keep track of patients, visits and regulatory issues
  • Save time and money

Vendor Management

Manage Vendors Documents, Pricing & Reporting

  • Identify companies that are approved to bid
  • Approve new vendors
  • Validate invoices against bid grids
  • Compare cost and quality of vendors and negotiate better contracts


Get Real Business Intelligence

  • Interactive financial forecasting & scenario planning
  • Reports on compliance with bid grid
  • Audits to see if accurate patient event data is used in billing
  • Predictions of changes to forecasts¬† & real-time reporting on KPIs

Automate workflow to reduce paperwork and time to funds receipt and disbursement. Integrate clinical, regulatory and operational data in one place, giving you leverage with vendors to negotiate better contracts, forecast more accurately and acquire more customers.