One Week One Dashboard Training

Want to unlock the key to your most stubborn business challenges? Learn how you can uncover the sources and visualize the solutions in just one week.

A business-savvy trainer with Tableau experience will help you create interactive charts. Working together for 5 days, you will uncover the stories buried in your data and create Tableau dashboards to share it.

Within a week, you will have:

  • Eliminated repetitive, report-making tasks
  • Analytics and an action plan to improve results
  • New skills, confidence and a passion for Tableau

End Product:

  • Named user setup and role assignment
  • A connection to Salesforce or another SaaS system
  • Data from Excel uploaded into Tableau
  • 10 KPI metric fields
  • 2 dashboards with 8 views

Custom Builds & Custom Training

Have another unique problem that has you frustrated to find a solution?

Contact us to learn how we can help with Haspoa Custom Builds Solutions and Customized Training Programs. We are proud to partner with providers including Salesforce, Apttus, Tableau, and QuickBase to offer our clients flexible solutions to meet their needs