Our Mission

We support life science companies with insights, knowledge, dashboards and other tools to flexibly integrate clinical, regulatory and financial data to reach their goals.



Your clinical, financial, and regulatory data sources combined together quickly and accurately; Automatically update budgets and forecast based on actuals and trends; No worrying about adopting expensive platforms and a steep learning curve; Use systems that team members already know and like.



Our hands-on, industry expertise offers you vision to identify the most relevant metrics to track; As a Premier Tableau Partner, we transform rows of data across different sources into visuals and dashboards to inform better decision making; See which vendors are most efficient or how tinkering with protocols impacts budget forecasts.



You choose the environment you want to work in; We partner with providers including Excel, Apttus, QuickBase, Salesforce, and Tableau. We create dashboards that let you explore and drill down into data without waiting for IT to create reports Collect, edit and view data anytime, anywhere on any device. Take control of meeting your goals!

Haspoa lets you:

  • Integrate and analyze data from multiple vendors and databases
  • Manage vendors
  • Monitor and analyze study sites’ performance
  • Audit invoices and change orders
  • Improve forecasting

Learn how to leverage your data to…

Simplify the business of life science

A note from Debbie Taylor,
CEO of Haspoa

I’ve worked closely with CEOs, CFOs and clinical operations managers for over ten years. I feel their frustration having to spend so many hours:

  • Trying to understand if a lower than expected bills means lower overall costs OR means less work was done
  • Sorting through inconsistencies between IVRS, EDC, and CTMS data
  • Comparing budgets and forecasts to bid grids and invoices

Our talented team at Haspoa is dedicated to enabling pharmaceutical and biotech companies bring new drugs to market faster. We are motivated to help people suffering from cystic fibrosis, cancer and other diseases live healthier and longer lives.

Contact us if you’d like to know more, we’d be happy to set up a demo for you.